Welcome to the Home of Beamline 11.3.1 at the Advanced Light Source: Full-field Hard X-ray Transmission Microscopy & Nanotomography for Materials and Geosciences

Operated by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Earth & Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) and the University of Utah Department of Mechanical Engineering

Beamline 11.3.1 is a full field transmission microscope purposed as a nanotomography system. It is designed for study of the internal structure of dense composite and geoscience materials. The microscope is a full-field monochromatic system operating between 6-17 keV with a 50 µm field of view and 2-D resolution of 75 nm. The flux levels are on the order 7E10 photons/sec at 11 keV, which is sufficiently high to pass through small but realistic environmental sample cells, enabling time-lapse 4D studies of sample systems on the several minute time scale. The instrument will develop as a resource for Earth and materials scientists in EESA and beyond.

Shown below is the first 3D rendering out of 11.3.1: oriented pyroxene microlites in a 40 µm obsidian sample, M. Voltolini, EESA.